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Is the Charismatic Movement and Pentecostalism one and the same?
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The Charismatic Movement is sometimes called Neo (New) Pentecostalism. It is a spin-off from classical Pentecostalism among the mainline denominations and had a profound effect even on Roman Catholics. Charismatism became popular in the 1960’s and continues to exert its influence worldwide. Charismatics come from a multitude of denominations. But the immediate background of the Charismatic movement is classical Pentecostalism.

There are some doctrinal variations among the Charismatics according to their denominations. But the particular emphases center around the baptism with the Holy Spirit as a distinctive Christian experience, ecstatic experiences of praise and worship, speaking in tongues, direct divine communication, spiritual healing, spiritual warfare, exorcism etc. Most persons in the Charismatic movement view speaking in tongues as one of the most coveted spiritual gifts and this gift is directly connected with the event of Spirit baptism. Throughout the Charismatic movement there is the claim that all the “charismata” (Greek term for “gifts of grace”) should be operational and needed today. The miraculous sign gifts (tongues, interpretation of tongues, healings, prophecy, words of wisdom and knowledge) are regarded as normative gifts to be received and practiced by believers.