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How Will You Define Postmodernism?
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Postmodernism is a worldview that rejects absolute truth. All truth is relative, and no person’s truth is superior to another’s. We “don’t know” and we “can’t know” what is real. No one has the ability to tell you what is “true,” “real” or “right.” All values are baseless. We can’t know anything with certainty. Postmodernism originated as a result of disillusionment with Modernism. The word Postmodernism implies that we are beyond (post) the era of Modernism. Modernism with its promise of heaven on earth through science, technology and reason was proved to be wrong. World wars and atomic weapons shattered the dream for progress and peace upon earth. Confidence in the goodness and perfectibility of humanity was crushed to the core. Rationalists and intellectuals started abandoning their faith on science and reason. The pervading mood became increasingly pessimistic. The Postmodern train of thought is extremely skeptical about everything. It repudiates all previous theories of morality and religious belief. Postmodernism is the new cousin of Nihilism – an extreme form of skepticism that denies all existence and reality.