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What is your opinion of Progressive Dispensationalism?
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Progressive dispensationalism is a major revision of dispensational theology. Its origin is rather recent – late 80’s –early 90’s. It appears to be a significant change rather than a mere development within normative dispensationalism. In my estimation, this change has led to confusion and a compromise with Covenant Premillenialism. Its affinities seem to be more with realized eschatology.

In this new dispensationalism, a clear distinction between Israel and the Church is minimized or blurred or even lost. The concept of the “Kingdom” is not well defined. The most troubling tenet of Progressive Dispensationalism is the teaching that at Christ’s ascension He was inaugurated as Davidic king and that He is now already reigning in heaven on the throne of David in an “already” fulfillment aspect of the Davidic kingdom and that He will also reign on earth in the Millennium in the “not yet” aspect.

Even some nondispensational critics of Progressive Dipensationalism see its tenets as bordering Covenant Premillenialism. The whole system seems to be shaky and unstable.

The three major works on Progressive Dispensationalism are:

1. Dispensationalism, Israel and the Church: The Search for Defiinition, eds. Darrell L.Bock & Craig A. Blaising, 1992 (Zondervan)

2. Progressive Dispensationalism, Bock & Blaising, 1993 (Victor)

3. The Case for Progressive Dispensationalism, Robert L. Saucy, 1993 (Zondervan)