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What is the Emerging Church?
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The Emerging Church (also known as the Emergent Church Movement) is the popular name for an informal affiliation of Christian communities worldwide, embracing a great diversity in beliefs and practices. They believe that it is necessary to deconstruct the traditional Christian theology by avoiding the use of Christian jargon that has become increasingly irrelevant to the postmodern culture. Christian mission must be redfined with cultural sensitivity.
Truth is not absolute, but ambiguous, indistinct and uncertain. Hence expounding the Bible is no longer a viable option for worship or evangelism in a postmodern world. Moreover, postmodern people don't like authority figures standing before them and preaching to them. Dialogue and discussions rather than proclamation is what is needed today. Interfaith dialogue is a means to share the Christians' narratives as they learn from the narratives of others. The words of one of the pastors in an Emerging Church accurately describes their attitude to the Bible: "Now I have no idea what most of it means."
Brian McLaren is the most influential author and leader in this movement.
(for a sound biblical analysis of the pitfalls of postmodern thinking and the Emergent Church Movement, please refer to, THE TRUTH WAR by John MacArthur).